SDFN/NHAG Strategies to advocate for affordable housing for the poor.

 A Highlight in 2021 -

SDFN/NHAG Strategies to advocate for affordable housing for the poor.


After we presented this slide at one of the High-Level Meeting on The HARAMBEE Plan in May 2021 NHAG and SDFN were delighted to receive this enthusiastic support and praise for the implementation of affordable housing solutions. The Deputy Minister of MURD, Ms. Natalia Goagoses in her closing remarks concerning the number of houses and average costs: “Wow SDFN! Give the mothers the food and they feed the nation. Honorable Minister this is where available money should go! 

Housing through the Twahangana Fund


From 2015-2020 the fund channeled 

            Above N$90 million to SDFN saving groups for 205 housing projects

 reaching 2,641 households 

(average amounts of N$34,000 per house


MEMBER CONTRIBUTION SDFN:  from repayments of SDFN members to the revolving Twahangana Fund.


GOVERNMENT of NAMIBIA: Funds to the revolving Twahangana Fund came from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD).

PRIVATE SECTOR: Funds came from Private Sector donations: Buy-a-Brick – Standard Bank, MTC, Huawai, Pupkewitz Foundation, Ohorongo Cement, FirstRand Namibia Foundation through RMB, B2Gold and PE Minerals - through the Office of the First Lady.

INTERNATIONAL FUNDING: through Shack Dwellers International contributions.


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