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NAMSOV Community Trust supports Shack Dwellers/Standard Bank Buy a Brick Initiative

The Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia(SDFN)  received   support from the NAMSOV Community Trust (NCT) on  Friday 11th December at a Gala dinner .  NCT contributed N$200,000.00  to the Standard Bank/ Shack dwellers buy a brick   initiative. The SDFN Patron,  Her Excellency M rs. Monica Geingos, First Lady of the Republic of Namibia    and Mrs E lizabeth  Amakali SDFN Member  received the donation on behalf of the SDFN .  Mrs Geingos emphasizing the importance of supporting communities who are working towards their own housing with support from local authorities  Ms Amakali Member of the Shack Dwellers Federation  receiving the brick as a token of support from the first lady with Mr Sebby Kankondi Bidvest Namibia CEO right and  left   Namsov Community Trust Bursary student looking on 

Freedom Square Pictures Update

Remains from house relocated  Community Meeting  , Final Update on relocation. Settlement is divided into 8 blocks , the block representatives will be the ones heading the relocation , assisted by the data entry team and the land measuring , to identify the pegs and verify household information . Everyone is getting a plot ! Ouma Elizabeth Kakau , first resident to shift structure according to layout . She has lived in the settlement since 2009 and is happy about the development  Listening in on the relocation discussion  Aerial Images for relocation sites  Youth Involvement Important for progress  final layout viewed by community 

Freedom Square Informal Settlement : Data Collection

Short update from the community members working on the data collection and entry .   My name is Rosalia Haiduwa, I was born in Gobabis on the 17 th  of June 1997 in freedom square. My parents lived here for 27 years. So I have a little bit of a story to share to the world about Freedom Square how we worked together as one team. The process started with the numbering of houses, giving numbers to structures. After we finished giving numbers, we divided ourselves into groups to start with the enumeration process, walking from house to house to collect information about people living there. So as soon as we were done with the survey, we started doing data entry, putting information that we collected into computers. After doing all the data entry we started verifying the information that we entered in computers to see if they are correct. As we were done , we started with map work. Map work was challenging to people that did not understand. We verified all the struct