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Community Voice exhibition!! The Community-Led Upgrading of Informal Settlements is a trans-disciplinary research project which focuses on informal settlement upgrading in Namibia and Zambia. The project involving universities, communities, and NGOs researches different tools to engage the community. The project focuses on the following tools to create a voice for the community that lacks inclusion in decision making: Photos, voice, Spoken words, Art, Fashion, and Drama. Today On the 30 th of March, the Community-Led Upgrading of Informal Settlements Namibia _Zambia hosted a road exhibition where the process of informal settlement upgrading was showcased using maps and presentations of how the upgrading processes operate. The exhibition focused on ways to improve informal settlements in Namibia. Community members from two different towns were invited to present their experiences on the process of informal settlement upgrading. They shared their experiences and challenges including s

30 households became home owners in Berseba. Halala Federation Halala!!

  //Karas Governor Alletha Fredericks who officially handed over 30 houses to members of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia on the 26 of March 2021 said:  Housing, or rather the shortage thereof in our country, is an emotional subject. Hundreds of thousands of our people are living in deplorable conditions.   We feel the pain and the lack of dignity that comes with it and we spend countless sleepless nights agonizing over how best to get our people out of these and other situations. The Government, through its regional and local authority structures, will continue to support the work of community based organizations such as the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia."

Donation of a brick-making Machine to Ongwediva Shack Dwellers members.

In efforts to accelerate land delivery, the Mayor of Ongwediva Town His Worship Father Taarah Shalyefu joined Council members to hand over a donation of a brick-making machine worth N$ 10 000.00 to Ongwediva Shack Dwellers Federation members. The donation came few months after Council allocated 98 plots to the Federation.