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Project Report: Gongeleni Aantu, Goreangab, Windhoek, Namibia

1.   LAUNCH DATE:   2002 2.   LOCATION:   Gongeleni Aantu, Goreangab, Windhoek, Namibia     Gongeleni Aantu is a savings group of 34 households in Goreangab, 30 minutes away from Windhoek city centre. It is a formal settlement in close proximity to Greenwell Matongo C Informal Settlement. 3. IMPLEMENTING ORGANIZATIONS:     Municipality, NHAG, Twahangana Fund, UPFI 4.   BASIC FUNDING DETAILS: Expenditure to date:   21 housing loans totaling N$ 430,000, plus services, technical support and exchanges 5.   CONTACT DETAILS: Mara (Federation), Hendrina (NHAG) 6. CONTEXT:   Goreangab is a formal settlement, situated in a beautiful hilly environment near the Goreangab dam. The land became available in 2003, when the Windhoek Municipality informed families in the informal settlements of Freedomland and Babilon that they could apply for stands in this new area. Since then informal settlements have formed all around Goreangab, Greenwell Matongo C being the biggest w



Case Studies

Phase one of the Community Land Information Program Informal Settlement Profiles in Namibia This report documents the profiles of informal settlements in Namibia’s urban and urbanising areas. The profiles were compiled by the communities from the settlements themselves with the training and support of members of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) as part of a national Community Land Information Program (CLIP). The CLIP is the national information gathering activity of low-income people living in informal settlements and backyards throughout Namibia. It aims to establish an information basis for locally driven settlement upgrading and tenure security in the urban and urbanising areas of Namibia, as well as to combine this information into a national data base for policy, strategic and financial support. Find Informal Settlements Profile here Case: Kanaan The town Gobabis is situated in eastern Namibi