November 22, 2015

The Importance of Information

Federation members Reflecting on the profiling and enumeration process :
Okahandja Park Community members drawing settlement Map as part of settlement profile
Anastasia Chimwandi , showing federation members on how data is captured online 
Meme Ronnie and Meme Wenky on the importance of Mapping with the GPS 
Ms Rosalinda Hendricks reflects: “It all started off with information collection amongst ourselves as federation members who are saving, we developed a questionnaire for profiling, collected information in 235 informal settlements, which was published 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Regional Local Government, Housing and Rural Development at that time. We further also carried out enumerations, interviewing each household in different informal settlements so we can use the data to inform the local authority on the affordability of residents in accessing services, and negotiating for buying land.”

read the entire post here on the Slum dwellers international site on the  The Importance of Mapping

Erongo , Kavango and Zambezi  Region members preparing reports on Training 
Mama Edith Mbanga , mentoring of youth as part of the profiling review meeting with members from 5 regions 
Mama Maria from Angola showing participants a traditional dance 

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