Realizing collective housing rights at scale. "Let people be the solution"

NHAG/SDFN and a MURD official attended this international conference on collective housing, themed “Let People Be the Solutions.” With 200 participants from 17 countries, including community members, practitioners, government officials, and housing experts, this 4-day event hosted by the Thai government and CODI aimed to foster learning, solution-finding, and sustainability in community-driven housing. The conference was officially inaugurated by the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security . #CommunityHousi n g #SustainableLivi n g #CollectiveSolutio ns please click on the link below to get insights๐Ÿ‘‡ (20) Adriana Allen on X: "Realising the collective right to housing at scale Why? Because housing is not the end but rather the beginning of transformative change. We have the full vocabulary of change, not just concepts, but practices, experiences and evidence to place housing back into local & national…" / X  

"Mushrooms: A New Approach to Addressing Housing Shortages"


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Peter Nanyemba Informal Settlement Site Analysis (member explaining the process)



  Selma Namwandi a facilitator of the SDFN belongs to the Jambidhidha group from Greenwell Matongo. Born and bred in Oshakati near the Okandjegeti area, she moved to Windhoek in 1988 in pursuit of a brighter future. A friend she was acquainted with by the name of Eveline, informed her about SDFN and its purpose during the early years of the organization’s establishment. According to Eveline she felt that Selma was a perfect candidate to join the federation as she needed land and secondly, she possessed the communication skills to inform others in the community of the federations’ existence and its objectives and goals. Two months after her arrival in the capital, she joined the federation whilst she was residing in a shack located in the Ombili area.   She lived in the shack for about a year and a half and made an income for herself from selling various food products such as fish and cookies.   Just like any other individual she desired a piece of land that she could call home. SDFN

NHAG board Chairperson's view on Peter Nanyemba Informal settlement site analysis.


Ministry of Urban and Rural Development Continues its Commitment to Housing Development in Namibia

In a significant move to address housing challenges faced by vulnerable communities, the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD) has once again extended its support to the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN). Since its inception in 1998, SDFN has been making strides in providing decent housing for shack dwellers across the nation. The partnership between MURD and SDFN has been pivotal in driving positive change, and the recent allocation of N$10 million for the financial year 2023/2024 further solidifies this commitment. A History of Collaboration Dating back to the year 2000, MURD has been actively working with SDFN, allocating an annual fiscal contribution of N$1 million to the Twahangana Fund. This fund has played a crucial role in enabling SDFN to leverage their own savings effectively, channeled towards constructing homes for disadvantaged households in Namibia. MURD's Steadfast Support On Wednesday, 26th July 2023, the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namib