March 05, 2013

Case Studies

Phase one of the Community Land Information Program

Informal Settlement Profiles in Namibia

This report documents the profiles of informal settlements in Namibia’s urban and urbanising
areas. The profiles were compiled by the communities from the settlements themselves with
the training and support of members of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) as
part of a national Community Land Information Program (CLIP).
The CLIP is the national information gathering activity of low-income people living in informal
settlements and backyards throughout Namibia. It aims to establish an information basis for
locally driven settlement upgrading and tenure security in the urban and urbanising areas of
Namibia, as well as to combine this information into a national data base for policy, strategic
and financial support.

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Case: Kanaan

The town Gobabis is situated in eastern Namibia, in the Omaheke Region which is one of the thirteen regions of Namibia. It is situated 200 km east of Windhoek in the direction to Botswana (22°00′S 19°30′E). Gobabis is characterized by semi–arid, hot summers and cool winter climate conditions. Being the regional capital of the Omaheke Region and the district capital of the electoral constituency, it is the core of the cattle farming area, colloquially known as “Cattle Country”.
The town, with municipal status, has four informal settlements - Kanaan, Freedom Square (formerly Damara Block), Independence Island (formerly Owambo Block) and Tuereandjera (formerly Herero Block).
Kanaan is situated to the north of the Epako , the settlement has approximately 3188 occupants in 808 households, of which 53% are female headed and the remaining 47% are male headed. Most of the structures in the settlement are made from corrugated iron, wood, plastic and grass. There are a limited number of toilets for the community, necessitating the majority to use the bush.

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