March 06, 2012

Namibia Housing Action Group

The support Service of the community based housing groups is in operation since 1993, became a separate Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) on 1 July 1999, when NHAG was established as a trust. The aim of the NGO is to support the people's processes of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN).

Role of Namibia Housing Action Group
a) Record community skills and action of urban poor organized by Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) and share information with the relevant Namibian government structures and funders.
b) Influence policies affecting the life of urban poor to become poor friendly.  This includes influencing allocation of public resources towards uplifting the living conditions of the majority urban poor.
c) Inform relevant authorities of the need for housing and land for the urban poor.
d)Provide support to the existing groups through facilitating exchanges and technical inputs.
 e) Provide support to the SDFN groups during negotiations for land and other resources.
f) Facilitating the shaping of a community development model which empowers the urban poor which can be replicated by other people’s movements.

What is the Mission of NHAG?
Namibia Housing Action Group is a Namibian Service Organization and aims to support and add value to the activities and processes of the Shack Dwellers’ Federation of Namibia in achieving their mission. It strives to facilitate change in the livelihood of urban and rural poor through pioneering pro-poor development approaches.
In order to achieve the above, NHAG works and collaborate with local, national and international partners and networks.
Key values guiding the interventions of NHAG
a)    The poor is able to act and change their living conditions.
b)    The community has the right to self determination and by so drive their own development          process.
c)     NHAG believes that people can learn and participate if they are given the opportunity. 
d)    Respect for others opinion and cultures.
e)    Trust others.

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